** 03/12/16 **
Havant Hornets (or Havant Junior Badminton Club) is a friendly and welcoming badminton club for young people aged from 6 (yes 6) and 16 years old. We recently welcomed two new members to the club which now leaves just 6 places in the 4.00 to 5.00 time slot. If you have a son or daughter between 6 and 16 who want to try playing this fabulous sport with a friendly group, please contact us today without any obligation. We also boast a high standard of coaching for those who want to "take it further".

**!! Latest News !!**

The new equipment purchase as a result of the sponsorship from Havant Lions is proving a GRRREAT success. All of the new Yehlex YX3000 rackets are being used weekly mainly by the very young visiting players who are just "having a go" at Badminton for the first time.

09/11/16 - The generous sponsorship of 615 from the Havant Lions Club has enabled the club to purchase 12 x new high quality YEHLEX YX-3000 rackets to replace the old heavy 3 piece ones. YEHLEX also provided us with over-grips which I have to say are the best I have ever used. In addition, we were able to purchase a quantity of the YEHLEX tournament grade feather shuttles to give our club members the very best start in their chosen sport. They are BRILLIANT!!!
The new equipment arrived today and will be used for the first time on Monday 14/11/16 at club night.
Our sincere thanks to Mike Tudor and the Havant Lions Club and please remember that anyone from the Lions who is near the Havant Horizon Leisure Centre on any Monday afternoon between 16:00 & 18:00 hours please pop in to see the youngsters and coaches in action. Just ask for John, Peter or Maggie who will be happy to show you round & explain who is doing what. You might even get a short demonstration from the talented young players. Even better - try out the rackets & shuttles and see for yourself the difference they will make!

23/10/16 - The club's Callum King played his first under 16's Hampshire County tournament against Dorset today. He won his Men's Doubles with partner Joel Francis & then his mixed doubles with Hannah Grant. Sadly he lost his men's singles match.

17/10/2016 - Today saw Mike Tudor from the Havant Lions Club & the Mayor of Havant Faith Ponsonby visit us to see what we are all about as a club and as individuals. Mike wanted to see the juniors in action and was treated to some short, impressive displays of coaching techniques & playing badminton at the various levels provided by the club. He was joined by the Mayor of Havant Cllr Faith Ponsonby who keenly supports the club and the work the volunteer coaches & helpers do with the "Youth in our Community".
As a small token of our appreciation for supporting the club, Faith Ponsonby is seen here receiving a bouquet of flowers from long standing club member Crystal Chan.In front of 30 club members, Mike Tudor presented the donation to club secretary and coach, Maggie Phillips.
Brothers Harry (5yrs) & Ethan (7yrs) started proceedings showing how after just three weeks since joining the club they could keep the "birdie" in the air for a sustained rally. Following this were the young lady doubles pairing Amy & Samantha who also train in the Hampshire Junior development program. Last up was 14 year old Callum King who, with coach John Broomhead (JB) feeding the shuttles to him, demonstrated various shots from the feather light, delicate touch of a net shot to the dynamic blisteringly fierce Jump Smash. Callum explained that at professional level the shuttle now reaches speeds in excess of 300 mph (495 kph) and is recognised as the fastest racket sport in the world. When asked, coach JB said "This is the shot to which everyone, especially the lads, aspires. To learn the technique that gives them the ability to hit the shuttle as hard as possible. However, to execute it correctly requires a combination of many factors including timing of the shot, getting behind the shuttle to hit it, body-weight transfer, string tension, conditioning, training and a very high level of fitness. But, lastly and equally as important ‐ quality feather shuttles. To properly develop our juniors in this sport, it is vital to have feather shuttles of the correct speed. Callum then gave a demonstration of how to check the speed of a shuttle – this alone was an eye opener for Mike & Faith.

The Havant Lions Club are so keen to support the club that they have given the club a donation, sufficient to purchase new club rackets to help new members who as yet have not purchased their own and also to keep the club in the "oh so important" quality feather shuttles into the new year. We thank Mike and the Lions for their interest, help and support.