Havant Hornets (or Havant Junior Badminton Club) is a friendly and welcoming badminton club for
young people aged from 6 (yes 6) to 16 years old. We provide coaching and games at Havant Leisure Centre giving young players a chance to learn and improve their skills and to have fun at the same time. We run two sessions of one hour each, between 4.00 and 5.00 pm and 5.00 and 6.00 pm on Mondays during normal school term times. NOTE: ALL coaches are fully DBS checked & on the Badminton England coaching register.

Respect - One of the things I really like about our chosen sport is that Badminton training teaches true respect for your opponent, your partner (in doubles games) and of course yourself. Check this out - BEAUTIFUL AND RESPECTFUL MOMENTS IN BADMINTON

**!! Latest News !!**

To read about the history of the shuttlecock follow this link History of the shuttlecock

Everyone here at the Hornets, wish to thank young Ben Davis’s Dad Steven, for his generous sponsorship that enabled us to purchase an exciting bit of training equipment unique to our club. Steven runs his own ‘driving school’ company so if anyone out there is considering taking driving lessons, before committing to anyone else, check out Steve on his Facebook page or through Instagram. Of course you can always telephone him on 07888 947 514
Thanks Steven for your generosity

NOTE To all existing members - We are still running an incentive of a small gift when you manage to bring a friend along who subsequently joins the club.

General News Early in 2017 we started using a new company - Yehlex - for club equipment including a new design club shirt. See image of - Henry, Milan, Josh, Ben, Joe, Sam and Ted modelling them in the photo gallery. If any club member sees anything they want to purchase from Yehlex please order through the club because we can get you the items at discount prices (NOTE - there is no discount on shuttles). We can provide the high quality club playing shirts at just £12 each and that includes a screen printed name of your choice on the back. If anyone wishes to take advantage of this generous offer from Yehlex /Apacs please contact Maggie with details of size etc.,

At Havant Juniors, we help beginners with eye / hand coordination by hanging a shuttle from the rafters. The advantages are: -
1. The shuttle return flight is very predictable, enabling the student to work on consistency of posture.
2. It requires just one coach to stand alongside the student to see exactly what the student is doing and quickly correct poor posture and technique. This is not always possible when feeding shuttles from the other end of the court.
3. Various footwork routines can practiced & perfected under controlled conditions.
4. Most shots can be practised using this method - clears, smashes, drives, net lifts - forehand, backhand.
5. All beginner students find it FUN and all want to participate.
One of our students, who had been struggling with eye hand coordination since joining us, mastered the technique after just 2 x 20 minute sessions using our “hanging shuttle” system/technique. He can now play games and enjoy himself by hitting the shuttle consistently.

HOW FIT do you have to be? - Check this out: - What a Rally from England's Men's Doubles Pairing - Follow this link /Fantastic Rally

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